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W. T. (Tom) Waggoner continued to expand his ranching operation after his father passed away in 1903.  

Vast spaces with an abundance of grassland for cattle grazing.

Whiteface Horse Operation

Polo Barn at Zacaweista a bit of
Waggoner Ranch History

Waggoner Ranch Cattle Operation

Lake Kemp and Lake Diversion

Rock Creek Baptist Church on the Waggoner Ranch

Serene Places

Wildlife on the Ranch

Oil Division

Cowboy Row

A Teppco Crude Oil truck creeping by Waggoner horses, after it has picked up a load of oil on the ranch.
The diverse activities on the ranch tend to make interesting photographs


                               Waggoner Horse News

The 2005 Ft. Worth Stock Show
Horse Sale
Waggoner's three year old buckskin filly, Roosters Senorita was the top-selling horse
in the sale bringing $33,000.

For information regarding Waggoner Ranch horses contact Trace Cribbs at


Thanks to the hard work  of a lot of people,  the Horse Production Sale held on October 10, 2004
at Whiteface Line Camp in Electra, Texas was a huge success.
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