August 2000 - Ranch wins annual Roundup.

Photos by Valarie Platz

Team accepts trophy at awards ceremony.

This years competition was the closest in the 20 year history of the Ranch Roundup.  It was truly a team effort because it took the cowboys, ranch cooks, photographer, ranch kids,  and craftsmen to earn enough points to win the competition. 

Event                 Place         Name

Photography      1st             Sandy Hagerman (click link to see winning photos)

Crafts                 1st             David Westover and Jimmy Lovell

Talent                 3rd            Ranch Kids and skit

Bread Rolls        2nd           Bobby Daniel

Cinnamon Rolls  1st            Bobby Daniel 

 branding.jpg (18508 bytes)

Team Branding

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Brooke Wharton and Bethany Sagar

cutting2.jpg (30637 bytes)

Team Penning

deveyes.jpg (56368 bytes)

Team Roping

milking1.jpg (500442 bytes)

Wild Milk Cow

milking2.jpg (462300 bytes)

Wild Milk Cow

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