Ranch Roundup was held August 14-15, 1998 in Wichita Falls. We didn't win the contest this year but had a bunch of fun.  Here are some photos at the Ranch Cookin' and Talent Show. Have fun!

Playin' around under the tent / Bad Cowboy Joe poses before the Skit

Cookin' Scalloped Potatos and Bread Pudding is a team effort.

Need a little help from our friends.Thanks Fred!

Always cool and quiet / Run Ricky Run!/ Listnin' to the pole

Oh Noooo Mr. Biiiill! and Mrs. Bill!

Makin' big plans for the competition. Nah! / Which is the better 1/2?????



Kids and parents waiting behind the stage.

Makin' plans to catch the bad guys.


Haulin' off Bad Cowboy Joe to Jail!


Thanks kids for doing a great job!!!!