Oil Production History
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 Local Area Production

Wichita & Wilbarger Counties have experienced the discovery of a multitude of producing
oil fields through the years.  The production histories from these fields allow them to be used as
analogies to base estimations for expected production established from new drilling. Listed below are
some field production figures through July 2002 for the various reservoirs.



                                    "Zacaweista"                                                                         154,411 Barrels

                                    "Potts"                                                                                 199,399 Barrels

                                    "TT"                                                                                     259,777 Barrels

                                    "Ancell"                                                                                 272,110 Barrels

                                    "Rock Crossing"                                                                   428,575 Barrels

                                    "National"                                                                                801,293 Barrels

                                    "Grayback"                                                                        1,776,458 Barrels

                                    "Times"                                                                               2,203,519 Barrels

                                    "Rainwater"                                                                       2,421,821 Barrels


            Atokian Conglomerate:

                                    "TT"                                                                           185,086 Barrels

                                    "Rainwater"                                                                          252,002 Barrels



                                    "Patton-Carter"                                                                     166,512 Barrels

                                    "Electra West"                                                                         186,097 Barrels

                                    "National"                                                                                352,040 Barrels

                                    "Billie Jo"                                                                              755,327 Barrels

                                    "S & K"                                                                             1,072,069 Barrels

                                    "Paradise"                                                                          2,089,211 Barrels



                                    "National KMA Lime"                                                               93,095 Barrels

                                    "Dan"                                                                                   160,792 Barrels

                                    "Grayback Southeast"                                                           493,416 Barrels

                                    "Sumner"                                                                                 689,457 Barrels

                                    "Ancell"                                                                                   865,988 Barrels

                                    "Consolidated"                                                                   1,258,376 Barrels

                                    "Grayback"                                                                        8,002,542 Barrels



                                    "Paradise"                                                                             157,741 Barrels

                                    "National Victory"                                                                    187,211 Barrels

                                    "King"                                                                                      206,079 Barrels

                                    "National"                                                                                433,939 Barrels

                                    "Main Canyon Reef"                                                                814,409 Barrels

                                    "Rock Crossing"                                                                1,768,533 Barrels




                                    "W C East Sand"                                                                  181,530 Barrels

                                    "Canyon 2400"                                                                     193,163 Barrels

                                    "BOJO" Dyson Sands                                                           209,173 Barrels

                                    "Dill East" Dyson Sands                                                        243,039 Barrels

                                    "Wilson" Milham Sands                                                         304,723 Barrels

                                    "Grayback East" Milham Sands                                             616,262 Barrels

                                    "Sauder” Dyson Sands                                                       1,033,048 Barrels

                                    "Castleberry East"                                                              1,682,654 Barrels

                                    "Wood-Milham"                                                                2,464,956 Barrels


        These fields are on Waggoner Property


                        Wichita County Regular                                                              54,611,561 Barrels

                        Wilbarger County Regular                                                         106,476,869 Barrels

          This portion of the field production is from properties on Waggoner Ranch lands and can be from any of the producing horizons.


The W. T. Waggoner Estate encourages further exploration and development of the ranchlands. Approximately 160,000 acres of the 560,000 acres are proven prolific oil properties. Very few test wells have penetrated the remaining 400,000 acres.  The South and Western portions of the ranch are within the shelf and slope regions of the carbonate platform where the application of new 3-D seismic technology tied to solid geological models
will lead to a very successful venture.

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