December 1997 - Poco Bueno's Grave




Pokie's Grave (Poco Bueno  April 10, 1944 - March 3, 1969)

Poco Bueno is a living legend of Quarter Horses. E. Paul Waggoner purchased him as a yearling in 1945 for $5700.00. He spent the rest of his life on the Waggoner Ranch. He sired 36 AQHA Champions, 24 foal crops, 405 registered foals, 163 halter point earners (3,522 total points), 118 performance earners (3,617 total points), 84 Register of Merits, 21 Superior Halter and 3 Superior Performance Awards. People (even non horsemen) would wait in long lines during the Santa Rosa Roundup at Vernon just to walk by his stall and look at him. It's interesting what was so intriguing about this horse. Possibly it was his name, his legacy, or more than likely he truly was a great horse. He was the pride and joy of E. Paul Waggoner. When "Pokie" died he was buried in an upright position. He is buried at the intersection of U.S. Highway 283 and FM 1763 near the Ranch Headquarters' Entrance.

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