The Nation's Largest Ranch Under One Fence

Stone Entrance at Headquarters

Along highway 283 south of Vernon is the headquarters entrance to the ranch. Inscribed at the top of entrance are "W. T. Waggoner", the dates "1853 - 1934" and the word "SACAUISTA". The dates are the birth and death date of W. T. Waggoner himself. Sacauista pronounced Zacaweista is what the Indians used for a particular tall sweet grass. This grass still grows on the ranch. It gets quite tall and makes a white plume and has a sweet taste. The entrance was built in 1934. Interestingly around the same time the W.P.A was working around the country on road and dam projects. The house behind the gate was originally the dwelling of the gate keeper. You had to honk and the gatekeeper let you in.