March 1999 - Red Roost

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Red Roost

Originally this house was the Red Pasture line camp headquarters before it became a recreational lake house called Red Roost.  Mr. and Mrs. John Proctor lived in the house. Their son, G. L. Proctor, was raised in this house. He recalls helping his dad with his horses where one fell on him and broke his leg.  As Electra Lake was built this line camp headquarters was in the flood plain. The Proctor's were relocated to the Kite line camp before moving to the Gate house at Electra Lake, also obsolete.  John Proctor retired in the early sixties and G. L. retired in 1991.  Each man worked for the Waggoner's for fifty years.  The Red Roost house was moved to the current location at the waters edge in the fifties and used as a recreational lake cabin. Later the Electra Volunteer Fire department used the house for awhile. However, access to the house, age, weather and more desirable lakes with better recreation made the Red Roost less desirable.  On the east bank of Electra Lake this obsolete home, partially standing, has out lived its usefulness.  Electra Lake is a private lake that furnishes the city of Electra, Texas with water.  See more pictures below as time passes by this little spot of history.

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Pipe Fence surrounds Red Roost

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South Side Of Home

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View From The Porch