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Lake Kemp

Lake Kemp
Lake Kemp

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Lake Kemp, a popular North Texas fishing and recreational site, is located approximately 40 miles west of Wichita Falls. Cara Blanca Park, the recreational park surrounding the lake, is owned by W. T. Waggoner Estate with headquarters in Vernon. The Waggoner Ranch is well known in the area as it spans over half a million acres of farm and ranch land in six counties with much of the acreage in oil production. The reservoir itself covers an area of over 16,540 acres. Tracts of land around the lake are leased on an annual lease rental basis.

Entrance to the park area may be gained through either of three toll gates: Flippen Creek Gate Entrance and Moonshine Gate Entrance are situated directly off highway 183/283 approximately 28 miles south of Vernon; Pony Creek Gate Entrance is located 7 miles north of Seymour off Highway 1919. Highway signs mark the route. For a minimal daily fee, visitors may enjoy a refreshing day of fishing, boating or relaxing in the sun. There are several public boat ramps on the lake.

Lake Diversion
Lake Diversion, a smaller and more secluded reservoir covering an area of 3,419 acres approximately 20 miles east of Lake Kemp and 30 miles west of Wichita Falls, also has a fishing and recreational park with lease sites on the north side of the lake. Entrance to this area is gained through the Diversion Toll Gate.

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Risa Tole, Cara Blana Park Administrator
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